Kid’s Art: Dribble and Blow Drawings



Dribble and Blow Drawings

Adia (age 8) calls this technique “Strawmania.” I call it dribble-and-blow. We set out to make some random scribbly looking painting/drawings that we would later turn into abstract detailed drawings or monster drawings. If you want to make monster drawings, look at the ink shapes and try to see a “monster” or other creature in the random shapes. If you want to make just more detailed drawings, look at ours for ideas. Use permanent markers, metallic markers, colored pencils or any other drawing tool to fill in the white shapes, add dots, cross hatching or other marks on the paper. Have fun!


  • Good paper that isn’t too absorbent (we used a pad of Bristol drawing paper)*
  • Colored Ink or acrylic paints **
  • Drinking straws
  • Sharpie pens, or other drawing tools such as colored pencils, permanent markers ***


  1. Dribble drops or blobs of ink or acrylic paint onto your paper surface
  2. Before it dries, blow with a drinking straw. You can be very random with this step, or you can try to control where your ink goes. It’s pretty fun to see how much control you can actually have with the colors.
  3. Let the painting totally dry
  4. Add details with your drawing tool of choice. We used sharpie pens and metallic permanent markers.

drawings09-impAdia's Strawmania Technique


* If the paper is too absorbent, the ink will sink in before you can blow it around on the paper’s surface.

** If you use acrylics, thin them down with water so you can blow the colors around.

*** The drawing tools are for adding details to the paintings after they dry.


metallic permanent markersdrawings12-impdrawings13-imp