From the time I started cooking (before age 8,) I have invented recipes and tweaked others’ recipes — I rarely follow a recipe exactly. An exception is the first time I bake something from a recipe, since baking requires a little more precision than preparing something like, say, soup or a salad. Many of the recipes I post here are at least inspired by someone else’s recipe, a droolingly tempting food photo, or a dish we tasted in a restaurant. I love tasting and trying to figure out all the ingredients in a dish, running home and trying to duplicate it. Sometimes I just look in the fridge or pantry and invent something to eat from whatever we have on hand.  I think I passed my cooking style on to my sons, too. They are both excellent cooks and enjoy treating their families and friends to creative, unusual meals.

Anyway,  I hope you enjoy reading and preparing some of the recipes here. If you do, please let me know by leaving a comment. And if you make your own delicious tweaks and want to share your ideas, please do!

— Maureen