My mom and me in 2014
The author, Maureen Shaughnessy and her mother, Pat.

Hi. I’m glad you landed here! My name is Maureen Shaughnessy and you’ve found my personal website.

I know you will find something you connect with here — whether that be scrumptious recipes; DIY projects; short poetry/photo posts; or artist-date-ideas … explore around and have fun.


A little about me: I have made art for almost 60 years beginning with smearing my mother’s scarlet lipstick on everything she carried in her wallet … to currently working in mixed-media, acrylic painting, printmaking and photography.

I am a full-time artist and co-owner of 1+1=1 Gallery in Helena, Montana. I am married to the love of my life, Tim Carney, a woodworker and furniture maker. We live a purposely simple life in a tiny house, and spend time visiting our 5 kids, their partners and our grandchildren when we can. They live flung all over the continent.

I’m super into cooking without recipes, though I try to write down some of my faves for folks who want recipes. I also enjoy writing, spending time in nature, reading, and chilling with friends. Wine. Garlic. Massage. Teaching Art to Kids. Curry. Holding Hands. Cuddling with Charlie and Otis Redding (our animal companions): these are a few of my favorite things.

Building community around the arts and culture in my small(ish) city is my passion. Almost everything I do at the gallery and in my studio has that goal at its heart.  Our gallery specializes in contemporary fine art. At 1+1=1 Gallery, emerging and mid-career artists can gain the experience of a gallery relationship and create a body or work to be exhibited. Mature artists can gain exposure in a unique western city with a strong arts community. In addition to representing our gallery artists, we offer services to them such as gatherings to learn about writing artist statements, working with galleries, helping them make their own websites and advising them on promoting their art. We also host concerts for Sound Gallery at 1+1=1 — a series of original jazz and new/experimental music concerts.

So … I already told you I love teaching art to kids.  My studio in the back of 1+1=1 Gallery holds art-making gatherings — some classes and some non-instructional sessions — for adults, youth and children.

Get more information about our gallery’s classes, exhibits and concerts.   

Artist Date Ideas


Hollyhock-Dolls Dancing

One of my passions is to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of art with others. Sometimes I get around to documenting the projects I do with kids of all ages. when I do, I try to post something about these DIY projects here. All of the following posts are also on my blog.

I sure would love it if you left me a comment on the blog posts — tell me whether you tried the projects and how they worked out for you. And I’m always open to suggestions for improvements and innovations! Thank you for looking and experimenting with me. 

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