Cootie Catchers aka Fortune Tellers Just for Fun

folded fortune tellerEver wondered what your favorite food is, what you might be when you grow up or what your “inner animal” is? Well, Adia and Ema have discovered a way to help you find out: ¬†cootie catchers.

Once they get ahold of an idea, they really run with it! They made bunches of these folded paper fortune tellers (aka cootie catchers) when they realized they could write whatever they could imagine on the inside. Adia made one with ideas of what to do this summer; another with favorite foods like pizza and ice cream; and yet another with career occupations. Ema made a particularly fun cootie catcher that helps you figure out what your inner animal is. Mine is a naked mole rat. Eww!

Adia’s cootie catcher, below, had favorite foods on the inside. Here’s the list: hot dogs, popcorn, pizza, ice cream, pickles, spaghetti, toast, salad.

Cootie CatcherCootie Catcher