Kid;s Art & Growing Project: Make Chia Pets

I don’t know how but I came up with the hair-brained idea to make chia pets with the girls, but I did. So we bought a big lump of dark brown clay from the Clay Arts Guild and made some pretty cool chia-pets-to-be. It took us about an hour or so. We still have to fire the clay animals and experiment with sprouting the seeds on them. We’ll keep you updated as the chia pets progress.

Cootie Catchers aka Fortune Tellers Just for Fun

Ever wondered what your favorite food is, what you might be when you grow up or what your “inner animal” is? Well, my two young friends have discovered a way to help you find out: cootie catchers. Try this fun and super easy project with your kids and let their imaginations go wild.

3 Ways to Have Fun in One Summer Day

There are so many things you can do with sticks. There are even more things to do with kids to have fun. Combine stick things and kid-things (kids-of-any-age things) and you get even better fun. Today we painted driftwood sticks in colorful stripes and splotches. Tomorrow we are going to turn these sticks into hanging mobile-like sculptures. Check out our summer kid-friendly art project.

Ocean Mandalas Use Found Natural Materials

Making mandalas from natural objects you find on-site is a wonderful, quiet meditative activity.

Anyone can make a mandala from natural objects collected wherever you are. Our family made 7 Ocean Mandalas, using materials we found along the shore of Vancouver Island near Bowser. Just think of your design as playing with circles, symmetry, concentric rings, the four directions, or a big pie (yummmm!) Start setting out your mandala from the center (or you can mark out the boundary of your circle and work in) and see where your imagination and creativity take you. This is a fun activity for parents and kids of all ages.