Budding Artist

Ema Explains her Mixed-Media Technique

Ema Blue spends Wednesday afternoons with me at my studio. She is my unofficial “gallery assistant” and art student. She dusts Tim’s furniture, sweeps the sidewalk, takes Charlie for a walk, fetches me coffee from across the street, and makes lovely sidewalk chalk signs in front of the gallery. Ema is 11 years old.

Ema is meticulous, creative, precise, funny, cheerful, interested, respectful and persistent. I enjoy her company immensely and I truly look forward to Wednesdays.


For the last few weeks, Ema has worked steadily on a mixed-media artwork. Inspired by the image transfers some of my women friends and I made during one of our Girls Art Nights, Ema started with some image transfers onto a canvas, then used water-soluble colored pencils and collage to complete her piece. I’m always impressed when a young person can sustain interest in a project over a period of days or weeks, and she did on this piece. She finished this one yesterday.


I will write another post soon with my thoughts on the image transfer technique we used, and how to enhance the transfers with other media to create something lovely. Hope you enjoyed seeing Ema Blue’s artwork. Please let her know what you think/feel about her painting by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

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  1. Ema’s work really touched me. My mom, who I lost last year, was an artist fascinated with bird’s nests. I think Ema has a real gift. Keep creating!

  2. I’m impressed by Ema’s art. She has conveyed a joyful feeling of spring. Hoping to see more of her work.

  3. Thank you Robyn — Ema will be thrilled by your “review” of her art. This kind of encouragement really helps young people believe in themselves. So many people think they are not artistic in some way. Expressing ourselves creatively is so important~

  4. Judith, I would love to see some of your mom’s artwork. Would you send me a link? I am sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the day I won’t have my mom. Thank you for your comment for Ema. I will make sure she sees it. Stay in touch. <3

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