So Easy: DIY Marble Magnets

Insanely easy — these took literally a few minutes to make. What took longest was waiting for the glue to dry.

Easy Glass Marble Magnets

DIY Marble Magnets

You Will Need:

  • glass half-marbles (from a craft store)
  • strong magnets that will fit on the bottom of the glass marbles
  • pretty paper, magazine photos, inkjet photos, whatever you want to use
  • a hole punch the size of your glass marbles, or a cardboard circle you can use as a template
  • clear silicone sealer or silicone-alternative clear sealer (I used the Lexel brand of silicone alternative clear glue. I bought it at Ace Hardware.)



  1. Punch circles from whatever paper you are using. The circles may be a little too big to fit the flat part of the underside of the marbles, but you can trim them with sharp scissors.
  2. Put a big dab of clear silicone glue on the bottom of each glass marble and press onto the TOP of the paper circle. Press gently until the silicone sealer spreads out under the glass. You will see that the glass magnifies the pattern or photo on the paper and it looks REALLY COOL!
  3. Let these dry for quite awhile, until the paper can’t be pushed around at all.
  4. Use hot glue or strong glue adhesive to attach the magnets to the bottom of the marble and paper.
  5. Here is a step by step link with slightly different way of making these magnets.