Saturday Smoothies: new weekly feature

peach raspberry smoothieSince Tim and I started our Nutritarian adventure, we’ve been making smoothies almost every day. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast or lunch — rarely both — and about every other day I add lots of greens and other veggies to my smoothie.

I always add protein and chewability in the form of some kind of nut or seed. Add explosions of flavor with fresh or frozen fruit, lemon lime or tangerine zest, vanilla, Emergen-C, unsweetened cocoa, spices like cinnamon or cardamom. Extra health benefits come from dark leafy greens (think kale or spinach,) flax meal, chia seeds and the liquid you choose (we like coconut milk or soy milk.)

Every once in awhile I totally bomb in the smoothie department — translation: sometimes they taste terrible. (Maybe I’ll do an occasional post on what not to do with smoothies, heh) Anyhoo, I’m not going to stop experimenting. Most of our smoothies are magnificently mouthwatering, super satisfying and decidedly delicious.

I love sharing invented recipes with my readers and decided to make a regular smoothy post. I am going to try to do it every Saturday, so you have something delish to look forward to on weekends: Saturday Smoothies. If I get really organized, I might even post the recipes Friday night so you can make these awesome healthy drinks on Saturday mornings — before the farmer’s market. Before a hike or soccer game. Fill your tank before you go out to garden for the day. Or just zap a smoothie in your blender and take a couple tall stemmed glasses full of sweet goodness back to bed with your honey. 😉

Once in awhile I will include other breakfast ideas and links to breakfast recipes that fit the nutritarian diet. “Smoothies, it’s not all about you!”

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