Saturday Smoothies: Late Summer Peach Smoothie

If you don’t have peaches sitting on your kitchen table right now driving you crazy with their incredible fragrance, run out to your local farmers market or produce stand and buy some. Just do it. You know you want to. Then, with at least two of those glorious globes, make this Late Summer Peach Smoothie. And. Smile.

Saturday Smoothies: Watermelon-Peach Green Grin

Quick! Before summer is officially over and watermelons and peaches are just sweet memories, make at least one batch of this awesome smoothie! I used some leftover frozen agua fresca that I made last week, plus spinach, coconut milk and almonds. If you don’t have frozen agua fresca cubes, just substitute the ingredients that go into the aqua fresca (watermelon, peaches, ice) and you will have an amazingly delicious and easy smoothie

Back-to-School Bonus Breakfast Smoothie

Oh Puh-leeease. You have to try these smoothies for your kids. Or for yourself. The Berry Mango Breakfast Smoothie has everything a healthy breakfast has in it: protein, whole grain carbs, calcium, lots of fruits (with all the phytonutrients that go along with fruits) and of course, tons of flavor. It’s satisfying and will last your kids until lunchtime or morning snack time. Try it!

Saturday Smoothies: Orange Brain Shake

The Orange Brain Shake is legendary. It’s been featured on a television news broadcast. Also on many school mornings when my two sons were growing up. It’s one of the most popular smoothies I used to make at Florence Crittenton Home (for pregnant and parenting teens) and one of the most requested recipes from the girls after they leave the home. Simple to make, this smoothie has just 6 ingredients: oranges, almonds, lecithin, soy milk, ice and vanilla. Try it! I know you’ll love it

Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie

Want a super healthy, kid-friendly smoothie recipe that you can serve your kids for breakfast, lunch, snack or even a dessert? This Peanut Butter Chocolate non-dairy smoothie tastes like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, only better! I made this extra smoothie this week especially for Stephanie and her daughter, Kristina, at her request. I love that she is careful about her child’s nutrition, and remembers how delicious a healthy meal can be! You rock, Stephanie!

Saturday Smoothies: Tropical Guava Delight

When it’s hot outside, a smoothie is the perfect breakfast or lunch. Rich in vitamins, fiber, protein and minerals, smoothies give you just about everything you need in a meal. This one is a true delight, sweet, cold, with an amazing mouth-feel. Tropical Guava Delight is a combination of guava, pineapple, lemon, coconut, vanilla and raw hazelnuts. Just right for a late summer day. Go for it! Yuh-Ummmm!

Saturday Smoothies: Mango Watermelon Medley

This delicious smoothie is inspired by memories of the agua frescas we drank on our travels in Central America in the 70s. Watermelon is the perfect refreshing fruit for a hot summer day. Combine it with mango and coconut milk and a half a lime for an amazing medley of flavors.

Saturday Smoothies: Cherry Pie Chill

Ema goofing over the incredibly taste of the Cherry Pie Chill

I set out to invent a smoothie that tasted (sorta) like a cherry pie. It sorta does. For this smoothie, I had some excellent help from my professional kid-tasters, Ema and Adia. Here is the result: Cherry Pie Chill. If you try it, especially if you tweak the recipe, I’d love to hear how it came out.