Let Go of What Holds You Back

light reflected on water current

In our spiritual tradition, we give away whatever is holding us back — whatever is troubling us  — by sitting beside running water and letting the negative feelings, thoughts, or obstacles go. We imagine the obstacles flowing away with the current, like a leaf or twig. I do this exercise often. At least once a week I take my daily walk with Charlie somewhere I can sit beside a creek or river. Charlie is always good about finding a comfortable spot to lie down next to me while I am meditating.

Prickly Pear Creek Dancing

For me, this heart/mind exercise really works. No matter how well my life is going, there is always something that feels at least a little bit stuck. It’s a beautiful, powerful way to clear your head. And your life. Sometimes it feels urgent. Other times I do this meditation because I just want to feel lighter.

Quiet Creek Meditation

I find a place to sit where I can close my eyes and hear the sound of the running water. The sound itself is healing — it fills my ears, mind, heart and soul with water music, displacing anger or despair, irritation or distraction. The sound makes it easy to focus on opening my heart and letting loose the stuck feelings. It’s like opening a door or window to let in fresh air, only I am letting in this beautiful, continuous, pure sound. Pure healing. Pure love.

Let it Go

What’s so awesome for me, in doing meditations such as this one in Nature, is that not only do I benefit from a lighter emotional or mental state — it also makes room for me to feel more connected to Nature, more connected to Creation, and to everyone in my life. It’s the perfect thing for me to do when I’m mad at somebody, myself included.

Elkhorn Creek in Summer

I sit there next to the creek, listening … sometimes watching the sunlight play and dance on the water’s surface, taking in the sounds of the water and birds and wind. How could I not feel better after 15 minutes or an hour of this peaceful quiet activity? How could I not feel more connected to everything — every little and big thing?

Elkhorn Creek in Summer

So there I am, lighter, more connected … my mind clear and my heart like a crystal. It’s life changing! Do you do something like this meditation when you feel the need to let go and clear stuff out? I’d love it if you would leave a comment. (click the little chat bubble at the top of the post.) Thank you for reading this far.

Crystal Heart - water drop on leaf

7 Replies to “Let Go of What Holds You Back”

  1. In the thumbnail, I thought the top photo was of lava. Interesting. I don’t know if I let things holding me back go away, but I do sometimes discard things that annoy me. Which, I guess, is the same thing.

  2. Maureen what a wonderful and beautiful way of letting go and clearing. I will be trying this out and certainly sharing with my friends. Thank you for sharing it with such beautiful images. Love to you and Tim ♥

  3. Meg, although this technique works well for me, I have to say that even after I have given things away, they sometimes come back. I just go back out to the river and give it away again. And again. An example is lack of self confidence. I struggle with that a lot. It might come back with a roar in a different circumstance. Or if I get up on the wrong side of the bed some morning. Or if I (accidentally) compare myself with others who seem (at least on the outside) to have it all together.
    Sometimes the peace and clarity I get after I let go of something, lasts a long time. Other times (thankfully not often) it lasts until I get back home. Hmph! I just keep trying.

  4. Cheryl, I’m so glad you find this technique appealing and I will be curious to see how it goes when you try it. Do you have a creek or river near your home? Love to you and Lou too, my dear. <3

  5. I love to be near water and this exercise really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing, Maureen. Your photos are beautiful!

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