Artist Date 7: Stretch It Out with Yoga


Here’s Artist Date Idea #7

Ever feel like your creative self and your brain are just in a flump? (that’s code for floppy grump) or … that you’ve hit a roadblock with your creativity? Or maybe all is good and you just want to keep the gears well-oiled. This week’s artist date idea is all about stretching it out — stretching your brain, stretching your body, stretching your soul.

For this week’s artist date, spend at least an hour or two doing some form of yoga. The body is part of the mind and spirit and by stretching your body, practicing mindfulness … you will feed your heart, your spirit and creative self. 

Here are some ideas for a YOUga artist date:

  • Take a free introductory class at a local yoga studio
  • If you aren’t into yoga, or want something different and challenging, try Nia or Oula
  • If you already have a regular yoga practice, figure out a way to take it beyond your usual thing: introduce someone else. Attend a different yoga studio and learn a different style. Think about it this way instead: do your daily yoga practice, warmups and stretches with the goal of stimulating that deep creative well inside you. Let the peace and relaxation, or energy and focus flow through you. No matter what the feelings will flow into your art-making eventually.
  • Watch an online yoga video to learn something new and/or practice in the comfort of your home
  • Practice outside (weather permitting) or somewhere totally unusual: your living room or your office, your front porch, or in the employee break room. Maybe you’ll start something!
  • Bring a yoga bolster and pad to your art studio
  • Show someone else how to do what you do

Above all else have fun on this week’s artist date! Add your ideas in the comments, too. Cheers


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  1. Taking a pause from everyday stress is a really good advice! Sometimes, we just need to take things slow and reflect on what really matters. Afterwards, we’d definitely feel more refreshed and energized than ever. Love these artist date ideas. 🙂

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