Wood, Trees and the Spirit of Nature

Dining Chair by Tim Carney - Photo by Maureen Shaughnessy

1+1=1 is becoming a reality! On November 8th our little month-long gallery will have an opening reception during the Helena Fall Art Walk. The reception is from 6 to 9 pm.

Photo of Cherry Tree - Dining Set by Tim Carney

The idea of 1+1=1 began when my husband, Tim and I were talking with our friends Mike and Colleen over dinner at their house. We were asking them how they helped Doug Turman get his start as an artist and gallery owner and Mike told us about the popup gallery he and Doug had years ago. Now Doug and his lovely wife, Mary Lee, have the always-happening Turman Larison Contemporary (art gallery) in downtown Helena. And it just so happens that the place we found for our popup gallery is right next door to Doug and Mary Lee’s gallery. Awesome!

We have been wanting a place to show Tim’s studio furniture and my photography and paintings for a long time, and the idea of experimenting with a temporary gallery was enticing.

Sushi Table and Day's End

So we’re doing it! We found an empty retail space on Last Chance Gulch and Mike helped us arrange a deal with the owners of the building for just one month to try out this gallery idea. It’s pretty last minute because we wanted to have our opening during the Art Walk, and be open for the holiday shopping season before Christmas.

Desk and Burn Color

Tim and I share a common esthetic and creative vision, although we have very different ways to express that vision. He works with the spirit of trees through his hands, making functional art furniture. I express my connection with trees and nature through photography, painting and mixed media collage. Our home is filled with art from both of us and our friends and family. We live a blessed, simple life and we both feel lucky that we can make a living creating art that we hope helps others connect with Nature on a deep level.





Desk and Burn Color

Sushi Table and Day's End


9 Replies to “Wood, Trees and the Spirit of Nature”

  1. Hey, it looks set to be a serene, still place. Wonderful, especially if it’s in a city!

  2. Maureen, what a visual feast! You’ve done an amazing job putting the photos together. Sure wish I could be at the opening.

  3. Great idea Maureen. And beautifully done. The combination of the wood and the images really works.


  4. Margie, I wish you could be here too. Oh well. Tim and I will take lots of photos of both receptions, and the gallery when it’s cleared out so you can pretend you are there. I’d love it if you and I could just hang out together while I’m staffing the gallery during the month. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment, too.

  5. Meg, the gallery is in the downtown of our little city of Helena, Montana. It’s on the main street so I hope we get some walk-in visitors during the month we’re open. And it’s right next to my favorite art gallery. I think it will be a meditative atmosphere after the opening reception.

  6. Wow, beautiful! Wish we could visit. Much success to you both. David and Robert

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