Today’s a Good Day for Hot Ginger Lemon Tea

Hot Ginger Tea with Lemon Zest and Brown Rice

Ginger tea is available in bulk or tea bags: ginger flavored black tea, ginger flavored green tea, plain ginger tea (without tea leaves) honey-ginger crystals that you mix with hot water, and if you like, a little soy milk for an after dinner treat …

So many ginger teas — so little time!

Welp, my favorite way to drink ginger tea is to make it from fresh ginger root, brown rice green tea and lemon zest. The flavors of made-from-scratch ginger tea are incomparable to the store-bought kind. The only downside is that fresh ginger root tends to get moldy if you don’t use it within a couple of weeks. Keep fresh ginger root refrigerated. To keep ginger longer, wrap the root in plastic wrap or a zip baggies  (keeps it from dehydrating) or, put the ginger root in a mason jar covered with sherry (this will keep forever.) See notes below for storing ginger.

Hot Ginger Tea with Lemon Zest and Brown RiceThe toasted brown rice gives this ginger tea an amazing toasty-almost-like-popcorn-but-it’s-rice flavor.

Here’s how I make it:

  • I like to make genmaicha with a tea bag (Choice brand because it’s organic) although I vary it up with bulk green tea mixed with genmai (just the toasted rice kernels) that I buy at an Asian grocery store in Seattle (Uwajimaya.) You can also toast your own brown rice kernels in a dry frying pan.
  • Follow directions or just wing-it, when deciding how much bulk tea to use.
  • Slice about 1/2 inch from your fresh ginger root and peel it. Or not. Put the ginger slices in the cup or teapot with the tea bags and a few twists of lemon zest. The lemon zest gives this tea extra pizzazz!
  • Let it steep for about 3 minutes, then strain all the little bits from the tea.
  • If you like lemony flavor, try adding just a teensy squeeze of lemon juice. Yummo.
  • Enjoy with a handful of warm crunchy homemade granola. Or snack of your choice.
Hot Ginger Tea with Lemon Zest and Brown Rice
Ingredients for Hot Ginger Tea: Loose genmaicha, 2 slices fresh ginger root, several twists of lemon zest (rind)

Hot Ginger Tea with Lemon Zest and Brown Rice

Links & Notes:

  • Uwajimaya in Seattle is located at 600 5th Ave South, Seattle Washington. I buy my genmaicha here in bulk, when I am in the city.
  • Or … look for genmaicha at your supermarket, any Asian market or at a tea shop. 
  • Choice Genmaicha (organic brand in tea bags)
  • Toast your own brown rice kernels to make genmai
  • Instagram photos of genmaicha — just fun to see all the different variations and brands
  • How to Make Ginger Tisane or Tea (with step by step photos)
  • Store ginger one of these ways: 
    • peeled, sliced or grated and frozen in plastic baggies
    • unpeeled, refrigerated in plastic baggie
    • unpeeled or peeled, whole root, submerged in dry sherry or sake (the sherry/sake will change the flavor of the ginger but it’s still delicious!)
Hot Ginger Tea in Cup
Drinking my Ginger Lemon Genmaicha at “The Madison” a table made by Tim Carney of

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