Nutritarian Adventure … How are we doing?

Feel free to download this handy healthy grocery list based on the Eat to Live food program of Dr. Joel Furhman.

Early on in our Eat to Live adventure, I made a Nutritarian grocery list using Evernote (with the checklist feature) which syncs to all of my devices. So I always have the list on my cell phone when I am shopping. It really helps to just look at the list, check off the things we need, and stick to it — at least 95% of the time. Here we are a little over a year after starting this health adventure and we’re doing pretty well. Not perfect. But who is perfect? I’m happy with mostly great, much healthier eating and feeling lots better. Here is a gift for you — a well balanced, healthy grocery list to download and use for smarter, healthier shopping. Enjoy!

Healthy Spring Bean Salad — Eat to Live Style

This delicious and healthy spring salad emphasizes Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat-to-Live superfoods: beans, brussels sprouts, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and asparagus. Make enough of the basic salad mix for several meals. It keeps well. When you are ready to serve the salad, put two heaping cups of the basic salad on a large bed of fresh spinach, then add toppings and dressing. Yummm!

Eat to Live Nutritarian Adventure

How to get your kitchen (and your body) healthy so it’s easy to stick to a Nutritarian (plant based ala Dr. Joel Fuhrman) diet. Read the entire article for an inside view with photos, of a re-juvenated refrigerator and pantry. First in a series of articles about the Eat to Live and Eat for Health program.