8 Replies to “Seen :: Frost Birds”

  1. it Surely would be nice to print that onto translucent film stock, life-sized, and install it into the window of a room where a suggestion of Cool is welcome.. at least for (increasingly.. ) warmer months. I’ve photographed similar frost patterns, but you have mastered the subject, here, beautifully, I think. You found these wonderful flight shapes! I say you manifested them, since they seem uniquely suited to your interests and nature.

  2. Sarah, sounds like your next present from me! I love knowing *exactly* what my best friends want. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the thoughtful look, Wayne. I hesitated to post the photo because photos of frost patterns are so common but I didn’t hesitate to take the photo. In fact, I RAN for the camera when I saw these little birds. Glad you like it! You’re always a discerning and kind critic.

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