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Seen :: Frost Birds

did not have to go far today
to see a sudden burst of flight.
frost birds rise, startled,
in the dimming afternoon.

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Seen:: Tiny Fisherwoman Casts Her Net

waiting like a fisher in a sea of air,
she casts her net, spinning silks
and delicate knots

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Seen :: The Same Sun

washing the mountain dust from our bags,
I hang them to dry in the same sun that shines
on Mt. Shasta and on the Huichol village

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Seen :: Hitchhiker Tricks

like lines of a poem,  tendrils, stems
and seeds of a hitchhiker weed
twist, turn and stick in my memory<

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Seen :: Dusk Reflection

like notes scattered
across a sheet of music
waterfowl float on a curtain of dusk

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Seen :: Life Force

clinging under the bridge
on a surface cold as stone, vines
like veins carry life force

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Seen :: Mystery

this water flows constantly
a bejeweled veil falling over dark moss
lighting the canyon with a bride’s inner glow

main Seen :: writing

Seen :: Remnants

a tatter of bearded lichen
grows where it falls,
the remnants at home anywhere