July Garden Variations and Color Combinations

bumblebee landing on a flowerBlue and yellow are such a fabulous color combination and the bumblebees are making sure I notice how beautifully their fuzzy yellow abdomens compliment the purplish blue of my delphiniums!

I love this time of year — July — when our garden is filled with little vignettes of beautiful colors, textures and shapes. The bees are hard at work collecting nectar from the many insect-friendly flowers like delphinium, day lilies, roses, thyme, honeysuckle and marguerites. Midsummer is a glorious time for a garden. After our rainy June, this month is hot and sunny, just right for sensual flowering — and nectar gathering.

Pale Blue Delph with Pink Roses Moonbeam Coreopsis

Cabbage in Early Evening

Young Celery


That’s Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides) in the photo above — I hate it, though I have to admit the blossoms are pretty. This stuff takes over!

Deep Purple with Reddish Purple Spots

Light Purple DelphiniumHere is a gallery of some of the different variations of delphiniums we have growing in our garden.

And finally, one of my favorite garden beds even though the “weeds” are taking over … I love the different textures and subtle colors going on here. Buffalo Sage, Blue Oat Grass, Daisies and way too many of that Creeping Bellflower. Oh well, it’s sure pretty. blue oat grass and daisies