Imagined Journey

Imagined Journey by Maureen Shaughnessy
Imagined Journey ©2008 by Maureen Shaughnessy

Every journey begins with imagination. Even the journey of a life … that path we travel from conception to death, even this wandering begins with the imagination of two souls. Sometimes the imagining is born of love. Sometimes desire. Sometimes rage or passion or indifference. Always, we begin with the wanting. The wanting to be here. To go on.

Along my way there have been sidetracks, switchbacks, detours. I have strayed from the path, I have been broken, I have fallen down and thought I could not get up, could not continue. I have run out of gas, lost my mojo, stumbled in the dark.I have , at times, wandered without a map. Too proud to ask for directions. Or embarrassed. Following my nose. Or heart. Or something else: a kind of song. Ancient. Wise. Eloquent. Solemn.

And yet, my way has not been a lonely road. I have had companions. They have been my guides, the threads that held me, my constant guiding stars. Among these companions, are my soulmate and husband, Tim, my sons Mickey and Gabe, our sweet old Sam (and now that Sam is gone, our dear old Charlie.)

In my imagination, I walk the road ahead. Steadied by friendship, by love, by faith in something larger than myself. I am grateful for the blessings of my life.

I originally published this post on my old blog that I don’t update anymore, in 2008. Just decided to ressurect the photo and post because it feels true to me still. Hope you enjoy it.  ~Maureen

8 Replies to “Imagined Journey”

  1. This seems to be the season for imaginary journeys. Perhaps we sense the passage of time deeper somehow from inside a cozy house, gazing through a frosty window at the shadows of bare tree branches in new snow.

    I found your blog from a link on Beyond the Fields we Know, and I know I’ll be back to see how your journey progresses.

  2. So often you say the things that I feel in ways I never could. Thank you for sharing these words, I know them.

  3. Happy encounter, Maureen, I’m of your faithfull visitors, even if I don’t leave a comment, usualy !

  4. I love these wise words, and I love the picture of Sam. How are you all doing? Cheers, Cate

  5. Maureen, thank you for this – it expresses just what I was feeling today, and it was what I needed to read. Kudos to you for this exquisite post.

  6. Just discovering your blog through a link on Maxime’s.
    Beautiful photos and thoughts.
    I’ll be back.

  7. to all of you who have left such kind comments, I want you to know that although I haven’t “been around” much lately I deeply appreciate your willingness to visit this blog, read and look, and most especially, to leave a comment. I appreciate each and every one of you. I am glad that something from inside me can have some small effect inside you. Thank you for reading — and for telling me what you feel.

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