Imagined Journey

Every journey begins with imagination. Even the journey of a life … that path we travel from conception to death, even this wandering begins with the imagination of two souls. Sometimes the imagining is born of love. Sometimes desire. Sometimes rage or passion or indifference. Always, we begin with the wanting. The wanting to be… Continue reading Imagined Journey

Luke’s Dream

I recently finished “Luke’s Dream.” My sister, Kat and her husband, Jerry, commissioned me to make a mixed media painting to remind them of their sweet rottweiler, Luke, and their sailboat, the Splendid Mane. It was really lovely to be able to deliver it to my sister in person and to see her reaction to it.

Sam’s Healthwise Raw Food Cakes

We fed Sam, our flatcoated retriever, a raw food diet for over 10 years, and he absolutely thrived on this diet. Sam died at that ripe –very old — age of 20, a natural death, and we were by his side. We adopted Charlie, another flatcoat (cross) when he was 10 years old, and have been feeding him the same diet since he came to live with us. He is happy, healthy, and full of energy. His coat glistens. He looks forward to mealtime. And we feel good that we’re feeding him this healthy food. Check out my recipe, developed through experience, research and common sense.