Portrait of Life Well Lived

Maybe depth of relationship comes with changes inside me. Changes in that place of rebellion that still burns like a stubborn ember of fire. When I look in the mirror nowadays, I see my facial features softening, melting a little. I look like my mother. I am becoming a beautiful crone. A wise woman. Like her. When I see her through my camera viewfinder, I see myself in 20-some years. And I hope with all my heart, that I am as good and kind and loving a human being as my mom is.

Mother-Baby: seeing the connection through a camera lens

Help me organize my feelings ...

Attachment parenting really works. Check out this photo essay showing some of the concepts of the Circle of Security as seen through the lens of my camera. Shayla and her almost-one-year-old toddler, Elijah were awesome subjects during this photo shoot. She has a strong foundation in attachment parenting from taking one of the parenting classes at Florence Crittenton in Helena, Montana.