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  1. Hello Maureen! I came across your website when I was researching raw food diets for my three year old golden doodle Russell. I was feeding him Orijens dog food and him not showing very much excitement if eating at all at every meal. When I would put people food on it, he would eat it. The first time I made your recipe, I could not add rosehips, or nutritional yeast, and was giving him a little dry dog food added in. I gave him chicken as the meat. This second time I gave a tough prime rib we made (shredded) and I added the nutritional yeast and rosehip powder, no dry dog food. I gave him this second recipe for the first time last night, and noticed this morning when he came in from outside he had thrown up. I also have been adding a teaspoon of yogurt in his food before giving it to him. Is this typical as it may be a little richer than what he is used to? Maybe the rosehips? or nutritional yeast? I just don’t want to upset his system nor do I want to throw out the food. I would really like to continue to incorporate the diet. Thank you for any input or advice. I am getting another goldendoodle puppy on St.Patricks Day and also would like to start him on at least half of his meal being raw, they have him on Puppy Chow now :(….Thanks again Maureen! Also would love some tips on making this diet more affordable when possible…I live in Upstate NY, and we are middle class, college kid, etc…my husband says the dog eats better than we do:) ..Anywhere we can make it more affordable to feed two would be greatly appreciated! Our Russell is 60lbs and eats a cup with a little over a half cup of meat with each meal. Sometimes he is a little hungrier and I give him a little more…

    1. Hi Pamela, thank you for such a thoughtful request – and for the compliment about my art! We are hanging an exhibit this week which means my brain is focused on that and I tend to forget other things like replying to comments or laundry or ummmm, bathing. Would you mind emailing me NEXT week, directly, so I don’t forget your request, and so I have time to really answer thoroughly? My email is maureenshaughnessy(at)gmail(dot)com

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