Back-to-School Bonus Breakfast Smoothie

Oh Puh-leeease. You have to try these smoothies for your kids. Or for yourself. The Berry Mango Breakfast Smoothie has everything a healthy breakfast has in it: protein, whole grain carbs, calcium, lots of fruits (with all the phytonutrients that go along with fruits) and of course, tons of flavor. It’s satisfying and will last your kids until lunchtime or morning snack time. Try it!

Saturday Smoothies: Mango Watermelon Medley

This delicious smoothie is inspired by memories of the agua frescas we drank on our travels in Central America in the 70s. Watermelon is the perfect refreshing fruit for a hot summer day. Combine it with mango and coconut milk and a half a lime for an amazing medley of flavors.