Summer Garden Painted Tiles

Painted Tile by Maureen ShaughnessyAhhhh…. summer is truly here in Montana. As usually happens, we’re having a cool rainy June. I’m looking forward to July, when our tomato and basil starts finally take off and put on some real growth! Last night we had a caprese salad with pinchings (prunings) from the baby basil plants. I can hardly wait for the tomatoes! yummo

In the meantime, I’m satisfying my desire for colorful garden beds and borders, by doing some wild and crazy teeny tiny paintings. These glazed tiles are so much fun to paint. Plus it’s been kinda cool to have people come into our little gallery and ask to buy them. Below is what the tile looks like framed:

mini painting on tile

So … I decided to offer these for sale. At incredibly affordable prices ($15 or $25) for these mini-artworks. If you are interested in these, go to the Brown Bird Studio Facebook page (below) and take a look at the gallery. I’m trying to keep the album updated as I paint more tiles, noting the sizes prices and whether they have sold or are still available.

Enjoy the colors! I hope these make you smile.

mini painting on tile
Mini Painting by Maureen Shaughnessy