March Calendar: Dualities – Contemplation or Play

Welp, it’s time once again, my dear blog visitors, to publish my monthly calendar gift for you. Here are two March 2007 calendars for you to chose from.

This first calendar is full of exuberance, joie de vivre … the kind of outdoor fun that’s possible if you live in a place that has true seasons! Montanans don’t stay cooped up in their cabins all winter, that’s for sure.

Though I took both of these photos in February, I figure they’ll do for March images because, well, Montana still has winter. And snow. And ice. And cold in March. After all, these are Montana calendars! ;-D

I’m including the second calendar as a counterpoint to the first one of the sled dogs and musher — the rowdy one. This one has a peaceful, contemplative feel … maybe you are more into the curl up with a good book, quiet kind of March activities.


Please feel free to print these calendars for your own use — I publish these downloadable calendars monthly as a gift of appreciation to my readers, for sharing your lives with me through your writings and photos and comments on my blogs.

To download, click anywhere on the calendar and you should get a new window with the image. Click on the photo again in that new window to go to the large version of the calendar. Right-click to download the calendar. It should print out 8.5″ x 11″ — if you have a printer that requires a margin, please print this slightly reduced to fit on a standard letter-size paper.


Printing Tip: set your printer to the highest quality print setting and use a heavier weight paper, preferably matte-coated, to get the best quality prints.

I hope you enjoy the monthly calendars, and please let me know if you have any problems downloading I can send them to you by email attachment.

Check back monthly for the latest calendars. To see a large version of the original photos I used for March’s calendar:
Sheer Joy and Exuberance
Day’s End

Stay warm!

2 Replies to “March Calendar: Dualities – Contemplation or Play”

  1. What gorgeous photography…your dogs! I love your quotes also. What a pleasure to visit your blog. Wishing you a pleasant day!

  2. thank you, maggie ann. I hope you come back. I’m trying to be more regular with posting but just today I was informed by Blogger than my blog is a spam blog and I can only post drafts until a real human figures out that I am a real human. lol. a bit inconvenient, but oh well …..

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