Artist Date 6: Visit an Art Museum


Meditate on Some Art

Here’s Artist Date Idea #6

I love having a world-class art museum in our small city. Without the Holter Museum of Art, there would be a huge hole in the community. Whenever I can, I make a point of visiting, or drop by for a few minutes on my way to work. It’s the perfect artist date by yourself.

Openings of art exhibits are great fun, but sometimes I do more socializing at an opening and less focused deep-looking. When I’m alone at the museum I take the time to really see the art, meditate on just a few pieces. I’m glad the Holter’s exhibits have long runs, because when it’s art that really intrigues¬†me, I go back again and again. And I see something different every time I go.

So, for this week’s artist date, check out your local art museum. Plan to have at least an hour or two so you can really spend some time looking deeply.¬†

  • If you live in or near Helena, and haven’t spent my time at the Holter, you are missing something huge! Go there.
  • If you live elsewhere,go to your local art museum. If your town doesn’t have an art museum, perhaps you can plan a trip somewhere close by that does. Or go to an art gallery.
  • Instead of just walking through the exhibits, on your artist date, try sitting and contemplating one piece for a longer period of time. If there isn’t a bench, sit on the floor.
  • Check out the other parts of the museum the public doesn’t normally see. Ask if you can see the permanent collection. Introduce yourself to the curators, find out what’s coming up, sign up for a class or a tour. Make the best of your community’s art museum. They are there to be a resource. As artists and creatives, an art museum is like a home away from home/studio.
Holter Museum of Art Corvid Exhibit
Kids learning about corvids and sketching, during the Larry Blackwood exhibit at the Holter in 2014