Saturday Smoothies: Watermelon-Peach Green Grin

Quick! Before summer is officially over and watermelons and peaches are just sweet memories, make at least one batch of this awesome smoothie! I used some leftover frozen agua fresca that I made last week, plus spinach, coconut milk and almonds. If you don’t have frozen agua fresca cubes, just substitute the ingredients that go into the aqua fresca (watermelon, peaches, ice) and you will have an amazingly delicious and easy smoothie

Saturday Smoothies: Mango Watermelon Medley

This delicious smoothie is inspired by memories of the agua frescas we drank on our travels in Central America in the 70s. Watermelon is the perfect refreshing fruit for a hot summer day. Combine it with mango and coconut milk and a half a lime for an amazing medley of flavors.