My Hometown: Coil

I shot “Coil” in a pasture on the edge of town. I waited for the light to be just right so the colors of the rust and peeling paint would be their richest. Check back weekly for what I hope is an extra-ordinary view of an “ordinary” Montana town. I hope I can encourage you to see where *you* live with different eyes — and maybe you will go out with your camera and document your own neighborhood.

Hollyhock Dolls: a throwback to simpler times

I can’t remember if my grandmother or my mom taught me to make these hollyhock dolls, or maybe just told me about them. Anyway, I didn’t need to look up how to make them. I remembered they were made the hollyhock blossoms, a needle and thread. Some folks make them with toothpicks or stiff pine needles. For an old-fashioned nature craft on a relaxed summer day, this is the perfect way to have fun with your kids while making and reliving memories. They’re so easy!