3 Ways to Have Fun in One Summer Day

There are so many things you can do with sticks. There are even more things to do with kids to have fun. Combine stick things and kid-things (kids-of-any-age things) and you get even better fun. Today we painted driftwood sticks in colorful stripes and splotches. Tomorrow we are going to turn these sticks into hanging mobile-like sculptures. Check out our summer kid-friendly art project.

Homestyle Art Fun: Ink Painted Tiles

First full day of homestyle art and summer fun at the Broadway Bungalow. Today we made the coolest painted tiles using alcohol inks and straws (Adia named our technique Strawmania.) We also made snacks, sun tea and friendship bracelets, watched the Lorax and built a campfire. Check out Ema and Adia’s gorgeous triptych tiles.