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Think-Eat-Save: UN World Environment Day is Today

Today is World Environment Day, and this year’s theme is Think-Eat-Save all about reducing the enormous amount of food we waste. My post has lots of links to resources to cut food waste and save money. Also, In honor of UN WED, my sister, MaryBeth Shaughnessy has a painting up for auction in her business, ArtBomb. The painting is stunningly beautiful — evocative of the connection between species, of our dependence on water, the oceans, nature … please share this link to spread the word about this ONE DAY art auction. You could be the lucky winner of this original painting by the end of today.

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Garden Journal: Now’s a Great Time to Start One

In honor of Earth Day, this article may inspire you to start a garden journal. How to keep track of what you plant as well as your ideas, dreams and inspirations for garden projects.