Creamy Pumpkin Chai Soothie

I made these for lunch today, though the Creamy Pumpkin Chai Soothie would be just as happy at your breakfast table, or being sipped around a fire after dinner. It’s a little bit sweet. A lot healthy. Smooth and creamy. And if you aren’t into being as healthy as all that — bake up some French Breakfast Puffs to serve with it. Yummo!

Hot Honey Custard Soothie … Happy Birthday Mickey!

Oct.5th, 1981 — a day I will never forget. It’s the day I locked eyes with my first son, Mickey, before he was breathing on his own, when he was halfway into the world. Happy Birthday, Mickey. To make this day even more special, I made a warm soothing drink that I used to give my boys when they had trouble falling asleep. It’s nutritious. Healthy. Easy. And extremely comforting.

Saturday Smoothies: Pina Colada Pizazz

Pina Colada smoothies are all over the web, but I decided that instead of trying to copy one of those, I would just use the basics (lime, coconut and pineapple) to invent my own. Adding a half of a lime — peel and all — is one of the tweaks that makes this my favorite smoothie ever. You can add rum if you’re making these for a party… or just leave it as it — excellently awesome and full of pizazz!