Old Fashioned Less-Sweet Pecan Macaroons

I listen to the Splendid Table on our local public radio station.
Love that show!
Awhile back I heard a segment that included a recipe for coconut macaroons, and decided to save it for the inevitable sweet-tooth-attack.
Well, this morning I wasn’t really having a sweets craving, but … I wanted to bake something in case anybody with a sweet tooth came into the gallery today.
These are a really easy treat to make — leave out the pecans, or substitute a different kind of nut if you want.
They’re low-fat too!

Best Pie Crust Ever

Does your pie crust recipe usually end up in pieces on the kitchen counter when you try to roll it out? Do you get frustrated because your pie crusts are heavy and thick and uninspiring? Try my pie crust recipe and see if it makes a difference. This post also includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a “woven” lattice pie crust. It’s way easier than it looks! Check it out.