Fun Art Project with Kids: Wild Horses

Paint a herd of wild horses for your wall, your baby’s nursery, or for greeting cards. Here’s a fun art activity to do on your own or with kids. It takes an hour or two and the results are stunning. This article includes suggestions for ways to adapt the activity to younger children, although it works best with kids aged 6 and older. We also have a list of ideas on different ways to use and mount the horse herd. Have fun with this one! N-a-a-a-ay!

Kid’s Art: DIY Painted Tiles, written by Ema and Adia

Add more colors and blow them around

Would you like to have some totally colorful tiles hanging on your wall? Our mom wanted something for her office wall so we made these colorful, nice tiles for her. This is a fun painting activity that kids or grownups will enjoy doing. Check out our do-it-yourself article about painting tiles with alcohol inks.