Painted Critters and Things Made of Clay

If you have access to a kiln, or a friend who does, get a chunk of clay and make some of these cute little critters with your kids. We painted them instead of glazing them this time. Ema and Adia have some tips on making and painting little clay objects, based on their own experiences with this project. Thank you to Gene Hickman of the Helena Clay Arts Guild, for giving us the clay, and teaching the girls some tricks of the trade.

Kid;s Art & Growing Project: Make Chia Pets

I don’t know how but I came up with the hair-brained idea to make chia pets with the girls, but I did. So we bought a big lump of dark brown clay from the Clay Arts Guild and made some pretty cool chia-pets-to-be. It took us about an hour or so. We still have to fire the clay animals and experiment with sprouting the seeds on them. We’ll keep you updated as the chia pets progress.