Throwback Thursday Anadama Bread

Lately I’ve been craving the chewy mouth feel of Anadama bread. It really truly no-kidding is incredible delicious!
I broke down and baked some this week. Sigh. It’s so good. My husband loves it too. When he tasted the first warm slice his comment was, “To hell with Dave’s bread. This is better!” That’s saying alot around here. Dave’s bread is Tim’s bread.
I made a slightly healthier version than the one I learned as a college student. I used whole wheat flour and flax meal, less salt, a teensy bit less butter. Read on, to find out how I made this incredibly delicious bread.

Traveler’s High Protein Fruit-Nut Bread

Back in 1975, on the third class buses from the Mexican border south to Guatemala, we drank bottled water, cerveza or coke, ate our traveler’s bread (as I have come to remember it) and hardly anything else. Here is a recipe I recreated from memory, for another visit to Mexico later this week. I hope you try it and love it as much as I do.