Portrait of Life Well Lived

Maybe depth of relationship comes with changes inside me. Changes in that place of rebellion that still burns like a stubborn ember of fire. When I look in the mirror nowadays, I see my facial features softening, melting a little. I look like my mother. I am becoming a beautiful crone. A wise woman. Like her. When I see her through my camera viewfinder, I see myself in 20-some years. And I hope with all my heart, that I am as good and kind and loving a human being as my mom is.

My Hometown: Blue Chevy Map of Earth

My Hometown: First in a new weekly photowalk series on Water Earth Wind Fire. I shot “Blue Chevy Map of Earth” with my cell phone camera in a back alley close to our house. Check back weekly for what I hope is an extra-ordinary view of an “ordinary” Montana town. I hope I can encourage you to see where *you* live with different eyes — and maybe you will go out with your camera and document your own neighborhood.