Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for February

February 2014 Wallpaper Calendar

February 2014 Wallpaper Calendar


I used to post a free desktop wallpaper calendar every month and I loved doing it. I liked knowing that people appreciated the free calendar to liven up their laptop or desktop display and it was fun to give away my art to my blog readers. I think I stopped doing it because I got really busy with my job at Florence Crittenton. I have decided to start giving the calendars away again.

So, please download the calendars every month. I will try to post the calendars the first day or two of each month. The only thing I ask is that you use them only for your personal use. Please don’t sell them yourself. And please do tell your friends these are available. Thank you! These are a gift from me.

If I don’t have the size or proportion of your computer monitor, or if you would like one for a cell phone, please tell me in the comments and I will make one for you and post it here.

You should be able to right-click to save the image. Let me know in comments if you have any trouble. You can also download and print these calendars. (That’s a shout-out specially for my mom, Pat!. Love you mom!)