Calendar for February

Here’s my downloadable calendar for February — hopefully early enough for anyone who wants to print it and use if for planning next month. Please feel free to use this calendar for your personal use but not to sell it or make money on it.¬†Enjoy!

Calendar for January, 2006: Winter Grounds

Here’s my calendar for the month of January… a bit late. I promise I’ll get February’s calendar up within the week so you can actually download it in time to make use of it. This photo I shot on New Year’s Day when Tim, Sam and I spent the afternoon on the Boulder River about 30 miles from Helena.

If you’d like to download this month’s calendar, please feel free. Just click on it, then when you get to the larger image, just right click. Enjoy!

December Calendar for Downloading

It’s the end of November, time to put up my calendar for next month. If you’d like to download and print this calendar, please feel free. To see the large-size calendar, just click on the photo, then if you’d like to download the image, right-click on the large size “save image” to your computer (no tricks, no viruses, no spybots or anything like that…. just want to make some cool stuff available to folks who read my blog.)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Leave me feedback and comments if you can. I always appreciate knowing who is following my photos and thoughts.

This photo is part of the Last Light set on my flickr page. You can see the entire set here:

New Monthly Calendar Feature on My Blog

If you are a regular reader of my blog, please enjoy this calendar on your own computer or print it out for your desk or kitchen wall (or whatever…)

I will be publishing a different photo-calendar at the end of each month on my blog, for your enjoyment and use. If you do download the calendar, please let me know by leaving me a comment. Thanks and enjoy!

(To download the calandar, just click on the photo to get a larger version then right-click and save the image to your computer. Or you can skip the downloading part and just “print” the calendar from the larger image-page. Let me know if you need help with it)