Mother-Baby: seeing the connection through a camera lens

Help me organize my feelings ...

Attachment parenting really works. Check out this photo essay showing some of the concepts of the Circle of Security as seen through the lens of my camera. Shayla and her almost-one-year-old toddler, Elijah were awesome subjects during this photo shoot. She has a strong foundation in attachment parenting from taking one of the parenting classes at Florence Crittenton in Helena, Montana.

Hollyhock Dolls: a throwback to simpler times

I can’t remember if my grandmother or my mom taught me to make these hollyhock dolls, or maybe just told me about them. Anyway, I didn’t need to look up how to make them. I remembered they were made the hollyhock blossoms, a needle and thread. Some folks make them with toothpicks or stiff pine needles. For an old-fashioned nature craft on a relaxed summer day, this is the perfect way to have fun with your kids while making and reliving memories. They’re so easy!

Painted Critters and Things Made of Clay

If you have access to a kiln, or a friend who does, get a chunk of clay and make some of these cute little critters with your kids. We painted them instead of glazing them this time. Ema and Adia have some tips on making and painting little clay objects, based on their own experiences with this project. Thank you to Gene Hickman of the Helena Clay Arts Guild, for giving us the clay, and teaching the girls some tricks of the trade.

So Easy: DIY Marble Magnets

Insanely easy — these took literally a few minutes to make. What took longest was waiting for the glue to dry. DIY Marble Magnets You Will Need: glass half-marbles (from a craft store) strong magnets that will fit on the bottom of the glass marbles pretty paper, magazine photos, inkjet photos, whatever you want to… Continue reading So Easy: DIY Marble Magnets

Kid’s Art: Root Creatures

Have you ever wanted to make an imaginary creatures? Here’s a DIY tutorial. All you need is a few driftwood roots and some paint. You can make whatever you can imagine when you look at the sticks.

Public Art of a Temporary Nature

ChalkUp Helena, 2013 was a huge success — there were so many amazing works of art at the end of the day and I could only vote for five! I gave my votes to some of the little kids who poured their creative hearts and souls into their chalk squares. If you go downtown early this week (IF it doesn’t rain) you might still be able to enjoy viewing the hundreds of cool designs along the walking mall. Check out Adia’s lemonade stand and my chalk drawing.

Kid’s Art: Clothespin Puppets

Making these cute puppets from clothespins, paper and paint was a hit with Ema and Adia (ages 10 and 8.) Easy art activity that is adaptable to just about any age. You can extend the activity by building a cardboard box puppet theater and putting on shows. Try making some puppets of clothespins, and let us know how you liked it!

Kid’s Art: Dribble and Blow Drawings

A fun kid-friendly art project for ages 6 or 7 up. Adia (age 8) calls this technique “Strawmania.” I call it dribble-and-blow. We set out to make some random scribbly looking painting/drawings that we would later turn into abstract detailed drawings or monster drawings.